When you purchase a ship through the CE store you are actually purchasing a ‘Token’ for that ship. This is explained in the details on the ship info. The token is valid IN GAME for the ship you have purchased.

Simply go to the in game CEDR. This is located in the top left drop down. From there look up Ships and find the details on the ship you have purchased. This will give you the name of the Ship Company that sell the ship in game. Alternatively this information is displayed when viewing the ships details in the CE Official Store.

Now locate one of the in game ship stores by that name. (Ask around in chat if you haven’t already found one, or ask a staff member).

Once at the ship store and looking at the ship you wish to purchase you will see a ‘Use Token’ option. This will purchase the ship not with in game credits but using the token.

You can only have ONE Token on your account at any one time. Tokens remain on your account until you are ready to use them.