Core-Exiles is a web based game and therefore is subject to the issues that can often affect browser based games. We work VERY hard to ensure that EVERYONE plays on a level playing field. IE we don’t allow cheating or exploits and investigate all instances.

But as the game is web based and relies on your connection and the internet as a whole sometimes things can cause the server to ‘suspect‘ your last action was a possible exploit attempt.

Now of course not every ‘detected exploit’ is a REAL exploit, most are simply where a player uses ‘Back or Refresh’ on their browser, or perhaps tried to access a page directly from a bookmark or browser restart. Also slow loading pages where you get a dead screen or perhaps you attempted to double process the same page.

Most of the issues we see are from slow loading pages (due to ISP or DNS issues somewhere on the web) and the player taking advantage of this by trying to get in several clicks on the same screen.

These are detected as exploits and logged. The logs are then reviewed by a ‘Human’ member of staff. We sift the obvious exploits from the ‘internet browser issues’. Those we feel need investigating will be sent a PM and asked to READ this FAQ and respond to us in turn.

We NEVER block an account without first contacting the user, unless the account is actually showing open exploitation or breaks our terms of service (those you agreed to when creating the account and after logging in).

We appreciate that being logged out sometimes when an exploit message is shown can be ‘irritating’ but as explained above this is for the security of the game as a whole. If you are having issue connecting to CE and pages load slowly it might be time to run a trace-route and see where your issue lies.

Our servers sit on very well maintained and highly serviced redundant back bone to the internet. Our sever hardware is leading quality so you can be sure 99.9% of the time if you have a connection issue it lies elsewhere than with our servers.