We are relaunching a Recommend a Friend program today. In its most basic format it means that we will reward you and your friends for coming to play and stay with Core-Exiles. This takes the format of a two tier reward system.

Tier One Rewards – Friend attains Level 20

Both you and your Friend will each receive the following:

2 Months Premium Account
1 X IP Reset
5K Fuel Ticket
C.S.I. Pack 1 – (Trade Filter Pack)
C.S.I. Pack 2 – (Combat Filter Pack)
Profession XP Booster Type 1 (10%) 10 Pack
Profession XP Booster Type 2 (20%) 10 Pack
Profession XP Booster Type 3 (30%) 10 Pack
4 X Large Mech Packs

That’s over a $100 in value of items from the Core-Exiles Store EACH!

Tier Two Rewards – Friend attains Level 35
For you there is a special prize. 2X RAF Extractor (types of your choosing) These are unique in that they cannot be manufactured in game, bought from a store nor are they sold in the CE official store! The only way to get these items is through the Recommend a Friend program!

RAF Extractors are extractors that operate in the same was normal commercial extractors but do NOT require ANY Structure Points to place! They are how ever locked to your account and cannot be traded.

Your invited friend also gets 2 X Industrial Extractor (types of their choosing).

# Guides & Rules
1: You may invite and recommend as many players as you like.
2: Your ‘friend’ must add your EXACT captain name (without the captain) to the ‘Recommend by’ field when creating their account.
3: Claims must be done though the in game Recommend A friend Claim page in game. Top Left drop down.
4: All claims are verified during the processing of the claim. This may take up to 24 hours.
5: Invited friend must be Level 20 or higher to make a stage one Claim and 35 or higher to make a stage 2 claim.
6: There is a Limit of 4 Moho Extractors per account. You may still claim past this point but only your friend will receive the Industrial Extractor.
7: During the claim process both captains are emailed and kept informed of the process.
8: The R.A.F Program is open to all Core-Exiles Players including Staff.

Special Note: As with all ‘offers’ that involve in game rewards there is a temptation by some to try and get around the system. Anyone found to be trying to use the process to simply collect rewards with bogus accounts will find themselves dealt with promptly and severely. The claim process is moderated by senior staff and the two accounts logs reviewed prior to prizes being awarded.

The Recommend a Friend program is to increase the Core-Exiles population whilst giving something back to those who take the time to spread the word about core-exiles.

Your responsibility: It is your own responsibility to keep track of your invitees. They are after all meant to be your friends :) Please do not ask us for details on who you have invited or their status. This is your responsibility, invite, help them get started and them make the claims at the appropriate time.