Welcome to the Stocks and Shares page – It is first important to note that stocks and shares in Core-Exiles are included for Fun and are not based on in game company incomes or gains.

Here are two pages displaying stock information; the Stock Broker page and Your Portfolio page.

To purchase stock, simply find the stock you want to buy and enter the amount of shares you want to purchase.

You may only purchase up to 3000 stocks / shares in any single transaction. This is to safeguard your own financial liability. Current regulations prohibit the trade of stocks with values below 15 cr.

Once shares are purchased, you will find them displayed on the Your Portfolio page.

To sell shares, just enter the amount of shares you wish to sell and click the Sell button.

Attention: 10% Brokerage Fees are incurred not only when purchasing stocks /shares, but also when selling. This should be accounted for whilst trading.

Here at the First Inter-Galaxy bank, we seriously suggest that any Captain interested in ‘playing the market’ take the time to acclimatise themselves to losses as well as gains. We pride ourselves on our debt collector’s success rate.