Once you have located a Derelict and ensured you have a Suit and O2 supply fitted its time to start exploring. Derelicts are not totally safe so you should always read carefully whats fed back to you by your AI at all times.

You can wander the decks of a derelict till your O2 supply or your Stamina run out. Or if you encounter dangerous situations until your HP falls below a given point.

There are various options whilst inside a derelict. You can simply wander around mapping the location or use the various actions on the bottom tool bar.

You can Search, try to use any controls, use any tools you bought with you, fight when needed or use any medical kits you may have bought with you.

The last option is to bug out. When exploring the AI keeps a constant watch on you and your health stats. If you run out of O2 or Stamina or your health fails you can hit the ‘Bug Out’ options and the AI will send in an automated drone to recover you.

To fully utilize the fun of exploring derelicts you will require certain tools.

A Grav Sled – For hauling back loot you cant carry.
A Gyro Spanner Tool used for mechanical actions.
A Diagnostic Sensor used for diagnostic actions.
A Electrical Scanner used for electrical actions.

The above tools are only required to fully leverage the most from a derelict. These items are engineered and some Blue prints will be readily available in stores whilst others you will have to locate whilst exploring.