The passenger manifest can be accessed from the Top Right pull out Tab ‘View Tasks‘ from there click Passengers Onboard.

Carrying Passengers can be a lucrative business. Of course, you need to invest in a Passenger Cabin and that means sinking IP into the Device skill, but at the end of the day that’s a safe line to sink skill points into.

Class & Destination: From here you can view ANY passengers you have onboard. Once a passenger accepts a ride with your Ship they are added automatically to your ships Passenger Manifest.

You can see their names, their Class, destination and the destination System and Galaxy. Also, this screen displays how much you will be paid when the passenger disembarks at their destination.

Drop Here: Whilst it’s not a suggested formula for making friends, you can, should you choose, to force a passenger to leave the ship when docked at a promenade. The passenger will leave the ship, freeing up the cabin space. You will not get paid, and you will likely lose faction with the Union if you continue this action.