So many players come back to us a few days into the game and enquire how to undo the mistaken spending they have done in skills they found they later didn’t need after all. Well because of this we have implemented an IP Reset Service.

You are Allocated ONE FREE IP reset point when you create a new Captain. This can be spent at any time throughout your Captain’s career.

As an added bonus and because we realise that it can happen more than once, we allocate an IP reset point every 20 Levels. So by the time you reach Level 60 you could have three IP reset points stashed away if you haven’t used one by then.

Rules: There are some strict rules in place that have to be adhered to before you can successfully reset your IP. Please read carefully. These rules are in place to stop cheating and exploitation of in game functions. They are not there to make your life difficult, no matter how true that may appear.

Ships Equipment: All ship’s equipment apart from Engines MUST be removed prior to a successfully reset.

Implants: You must remove ANY and ALL Implants you may have fitted prior to a successfully reset.

Extractors: All Extractors must be removed from active duty prior to a successfully reset.

Factories: All Factories must be removed from any Gleso slots prior to a successfully reset.

Malls: All Malls must be removed from any Promenade Mall prior to a successfully reset.

Drones: Any Mining drones you have in active service must be recalled.

We realise this is quite an undertaking, but it is necessary to remove any chances of exploitation through the use of IP resets. It will probably take you a while to comply with this, so prepare some time aside for resetting your IP.

Once you are ready, simply click the ‘Reset IP skills’ Button. At this stage, the system will run a pre-check to ensure you have met all the criteria above. Should that fail, you will not get to go any further. If you pass this, you will be prompted to confirm the reset.

Past this point, undoing the rest is impossible. So ensure you are 100% sure! Once the reset is completed, you will be told so and the amount of IP placed back into your ‘Unallocated IP’ pool.

Remember you just reset all your skills, so you will need to re-spend IP to refit items like Power Plants, Weapons, Cargo expanders etc.