The Exile Foundry is where you can turn Nano metals into resources. Apart from the odd lucky find, Nano Metals are made using U.A Metals and Minerals, which you can find or purchase from NPCs (if you have completed all their missions and you are able to view their goods).

Foundry Stage 1

This is where you forge U.A Metals and Minerals to form Nano Metals. U.A Metals should be stored in your SECURE Misc store (NOT your ship Misc store).  As you create Nano Metals you will earn Foundry Points, which are used to research patterns.

Foundry Stage 2

You can do one of two things in Stage 2

  1. Research a Pattern. The pattern you research is random (you cannot choose which one to research), and will be placed in your Personal Pattern Library.
  2. Use the Nano Metals you have created to make resources from any of your available Nano Forge Patterns in your Personal Pattern Library.