Commercial Store Services Fined 4 Billion Credits!

Post by Gus Givens » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:20 pm

Last week an investigation into malpractice on behalf of the Commercial Store Services drew to a close. The chief investigator Lt Julian Smyth handed in his report and within a few days the Gal-Fed district high court was convened to pass new laws concerning the ‘disposal of resources and commodities’ through the Commercial Store.

The court found that Lt Smyth had uncovered a very intricate and lucrative system of false accounting on behalf of Commercial Store. It turns out that the Commercial Services were licensed under the ‘fair trade’ agreement and as such when they close a customers account were bound by the agreement to turn over 75% of the resources and commodities held by their organisation to the ‘STAR business group’.

It appears that the funds and resources were being diverted and everyone from senior line managers to the board of directors was taking a cut.

The same was true to the dissolution of Settlements and their resources which is also dealt with by the Commercial Store Services. The court was in session for 18 hours and at the end of that time Commercial Store Services were fined 4 Billion Credits (payable immediately) and their share of the resources under the ‘fair trade’ agreement cut to 15%.

A team of auditors was also sent in to ensure that from now on all resources and commodities held by Commercial Store at the time of a customers account closure (whether that be by foreclosure, absence or from settlement closure) be handed over to a holding store to be dispersed among the 7 business within the STAR business group.

Initial stocks seem to be in the Millions, but it is expected this will soon be swallowed up by the business community.

A spokesman from Vanzant Traders (one of the 7 STAR business group partners) said – ‘It was an amazing windfall and meant they would be able to pass on major savings to their customers over time’.

So there you have it – corruption and embezzlement brought to an end and hard sort after resources placed back into the community.

ISN News Desk.