The Friends list (located in the CE Guides side tab) is a useful tool that allows you to send private messages your friends easily, to see if they are online or when they where last online, and to keep track of the people who you know.

In the bottom field you can add friends, simply type in the full name and press ‘add new friend’ and they will be instantly added to your friends list.

Please note: adding friends to your list does NOT automatically add you to their friend’s friend list. If you wish to be on your Friends Friend lists you will need to inform them that you added them, and ask them to add you if they wish.

Once you have a new friend added, you may send them a private message by using the handy ‘send message’ button in the furthest column on the right, on the row for the friend you wish to send a message to.
You will also see when your friends where last online, by the ‘last online’ column. And you will see if they are online now by the Status column and the icon that is on the row of the friend you are curious about.
The ‘Date Added’ column will tell you when you added your friend to your friends list.

To remove a friend from your list, simply press the delete button in the ‘delete’ column that is on the row of the captain you wish to take off your list.

To exit from the Friends List page, simply press the yellow exit button on the top blue bar of the Friends List area.