The homing beacon is a handy device to set a Home location to Fest travel to. It is located on the Navigation screen. There are two options once it’s activated.

1: Set a new home system

This sets the Beacon HOME to your CURRENT location. Use this wisely and carefully as there are no checks made, so once it is set it will remain set at your chosen location till you choose another.

You may reset the Home location as often as you like, but it will always set the return home point to your current location when setting.

2: Travel to your home location (if previously set).

This option transports you fairly instantaneously to the HOME system that was set. The fuel displayed will have been used, and you will not earn any XP for the distance travelled. But… you are Home 🙂

The basic initial set up of the Beacon is set to a max range of 275. This can be upgraded via either the Core-Exiles Store or via the in game VIP Store, which can be accessed via the bottom right CE Guides Tab.