You have likely been sent a link to this FAQ because your bug report was recently closed.

Whilst we would like to thank you for the time and effort taken to log a bug we would also like to remind you that we require a minimum amount of details before we can start to process a bug.

Try to think of it from our point of view, there are several thousand pages of CE code with dozens of professions and 100’s of various activities in CE. Simply stating a one-liner immediately handicaps our efforts to help you and locate and possibly resolve the issue.

We tend to find that a lot of bugs logged by players are in fact not bugs, but a players misunderstanding of how that part of the game or code works. So help us to help you and we can move quickly on your reported bug or at least inform you of your mistaken assumption.

When logging a bug start with the basics – an over view of the issue. Then relate to us your location and when it happened. Perhaps it’s related to what you did directly before or after you spotted the problem, so tell us that if it’s relevant.

There are 1000’s of locations in CE and Six Galaxies, so help us by telling us where you were at the time. If in an office or store which one. If you’re reporting an issue with Stores or Items tell us the item name or resource names, don’t assume we will know what you mean by using abbreviations.
Also, we don’t know what your computer internet situation is like so let us know if there is any extra circumstances you think we should be aware of IE slow intermittent connect, a problem perhaps with dropped pages each day during play etc.

You bug was closed not because we don’t care but because it did not contain enough information for us to make a sensible start without first spending valuable time trying to figure out what you should have told us in the beginning.

Lastly, when logging a bug it is your responsibility to monitor that bug and its feedback. More often than not we will ask for more details or more feedback on certain points. Sometimes we will add a fix and ask you to test that fix. All communications are done through your registered CE email address. When the bug is closed you will of course be emailed with the outcome.

You are welcome to log the bug again but please review what we are saying here and add as much details as you can. Spending five minutes your end often saves us several hours on our end.