This is a Primer and as such not a FULL GUIDE. Its purpose is to add an overview to the process and some understanding to how things work. For the full run down, you will have to work with others and figure that out :)

Q: So what is a Mining Barge Coops?

Well, in a nutshell it’s a semi autonomous ship designed to be deployed (by you) and controlled by an A.I Mining Bot when you’re not there :). It can traverse the Asteroid Fields in the Universe (Expanse Pending) and mine ores for you whilst you sleep, play chess or make tea… Unlike simply Mining Drones, this is a fully loaded Mining Vessel with a lot of bells and whistles to be unlocked and utilised.

Q: How do I get one?

Well, we figured that this would be aimed at players who mine for a living or have a passing irritation with mining. It’s aimed at the more senior (Time Served) players of level 45 and higher.

You will need to visit F.O.M. Agent 451 over at Karason in Danarius in the Sphere. The Agent will review your rank and status with the Federation of Mining and dependent on that issue you with a Mining Barge Operator Licence. The higher your FOM ranking, the less you will pay.

You will then need FOUR unique Mining Barge Sections. These you can craft / build from schematics sold by the ‘Federation Of Mining Systems’ Schematic Store also on Karason. Of course if you own a Settlement you can look to adding the Store to your own location.

Build the Four end sections, ensure you have purchased a licence, and then go locate an Asteroid Field.

Once you are in orbit of an Asteroid Field with the Four Sections in you hold and a licence in your mitts an option will appear to deploy your Mining Barge. If ready, and you know what you want to NAME your barge, go ahead.

Deploying is painless once a few checks are made and a name is chosen. At that time the Sections will be assembled and your Large Shiny Mining Barge will be deployed in orbit of the Asteroid Field.

A.I Control

When deploying the barge, a shiny new A.I. Mining Bot will be assigned to you and take over the autonomous controls of the barge. We don’t want your barge smashing into Asteroids or other shipping now, do we!