This is the Combat Missions Screen. It displays the current status of all active combat missions you have taken from any combat office. Currently there are three types, Gal-Fed, Alliance, and Verican.

Mission Type: Displays the office that offered the mission.

Target Location: Displays the required location for the target. Note: the target vessel may be found in other locations, but these kills will not count toward mission completion.

System: Displays the system in which the location is located.

Galaxy: Displays the galaxy in which the target is located.

Target: Displays the type of target required.

Abort: Allows you to abort the mission. 

Kills Req: This is the number of target vessels you must destroy.

Kills Cur: This is the number of target vessels you have destroyed.

Reward: This is the reward that will be paid on completion of the mission.

Submit: This allows you to submit your completed mission. You can not submit an incomplete mission.