Hauling Ashar Cargo: Moving Ashar Cargo has to be the easiest way to make credits. You only need to have a bit of free cargo space to haul for Ashar, as their loads start off at 10-15 or so units of cargo, although some of their loads are bigger than the standard 50 hold space of a Marauder MkII.

So, to haul Ashar Cargo, all you need is space in your CARGO bay. This is shown all the time in the main header of the game.

Hover your mouse over the cargo icon to see how much cargo you have onboard, your max capacity and how much space is left. The standard number displayed in the game header is the ‘Available space’.

The Ashar Office: These are not common place on every Promenade, although they are probably the most common cargo/haulage office. They are dotted around the know Universe, and you will need to learn their locations and remember where they are if you want to be a successful Hauler. As a starting point, you can find the first couple at Starbase-51 (Feris), and on Cinq Port (Kelsey). Quite a few can be found at Player-owned settlement ports, too.

Ashar Offices generate their own static lists of missions based on their clients needs. These are replenished over time (24 hours from being listed) and when players take said missions. But the missions on offer will not change unless they time out or are delivered.

All players will see the same generated missions, but each office has its own independent list of missions. So no two offices will have the same missions.

Ashar Filters: Remember to utilise the filters and sortable columns. If, for instance, you only want to see missions in the Sphere Galaxy, type Sphere in the Galaxy column header. If you wanted to narrow that down, you could choose <=50 in the Cargo column, or perhaps you’re tight on fuel and want to use <=50 fuel in the fuel column. Using these filters, you can quickly short the list of missions.

Choosing a Mission: Ashar like other cargo haulage companies works on behalf of their ‘Clients’. As you deliver cargo for each client you will begin to create a working relationship and as such they will over you bonuses for taking their cargo.

Destination X: Be careful! If you’re new to hauling cargo or just plain new to the game, ensure you look at the map!

This icon is on the footer bar and opens up the Game map for you. It will always show you a map relational to the Galaxy you are in (yes, there is more than one Galaxy). Use the map to plan your trips. It’s no good taking a mission that pays 30,000 credits if you have no ‘clue’ where the destination is.

Cargo Loaded: Once a Cargo is accepted and loaded, it will appear in your ship’s CARGO hold. This can be viewed from the Ship Store icon on the Footer bar.

This icon will show you the entire Ship’s Store. You are currently interested in the ‘Mission Cargo‘ tab. This lists any mission cargo you may have accepted and have the cargo stored for delivery. You can also list the active Trade Missions from the top right hand pull out tab ‘View Tasks’.

Payment: All Ashar missions all have a System, Galaxy and final Destination address. You must deliver the Cargo in order to receive the funds. Docking at the destination address will trigger payment and a message will appear informing you the cargo has been delivered, and you have been paid.

Ashar Faction: Quite simply, the more cargo you deliver for Ashar, and the more money you make from doing so, the faster your Ashar faction XP will rise, thus giving you access to their bigger missions.

You can view your Faction scores and ranks from the ‘View Standings‘ option from the top right hand pull out tab ‘View Tasks’.