Core-Exiles Buddies
We added (to the game) a Supporter mode add-on called Buddies. Simply put the major professions of Mining, Combat, Exploration (Derelicts/Planets) and Salvage can all get a Buddy to accompany you on your travels.

What’s a Buddy Do Coops?

Simply put, once active on your account, they will look over your shoulder whilst you play (at the chosen profession) and keep a sharp eye out for Special crates of Resources. The buddies will scan for crates and then unpack them and place what they find in the ‘Buddy Stash’. Therefore, you don’t need to worry ‘where the items went’ or if you had space etc.

The Buddy Stash can then be viewed at any time via the left hand ‘CE Guides Tab’. You can review what’s IN the Buddy stash at any time, but you must be docked at a location with a Commercial Store to transfer items out of the stash. (select how many input system).

No Commercial Store Charges
There is no in game charge for the Buddy stash, and you can store as much as you like in the stash (from Buddy Loots) so you can leave items there to pile up and drag them out when you need them, or move them when it best suits you. You can review what’s in the Buddy stash using the Left Had Tab called ‘CE Guides‘ then using the link marked as ‘Buddy Stash‘. If docked at a location with a Commercial Store, you may transfer items from the buddy stash separately or all in one go.

Eleven Main Buddies
There is a separate Buddy for each of the major looting professions and also one for Settlements, Genesis & Corporations. You can review which you have on your account by using the Right-hand Tab called ‘View Assets‘ then using the link to ‘Buddy Review‘.

These are Supporter items. By that we mean they are ‘account upgrades’ to improve your game play over time and as such are not available anywhere else other than in the store.

You can locate the Buddies Over Here

You may own one or as many of the Buddies as you see fit, but you may only have one per profession.

Note: Buddies find crates from destroyed ships, lost loots and generally flotsam that is floating out there in the great Universe. You may find just about ANYTHING (resource wise) in a crate, so don’t be surprised !

Buddy Booster
We also offer you the chance to support purchasing the Buddy Booster. This is an Account Upgrade. Once applied it allows your Buddies (Any you have on your account) to Increase the Yield of their finds by 35%. It does NOT affect the frequency or type of resources, only increases the amount found by 35% at the time of locating. You can find the Buddy Booster OVER HERE.