Listed below are a few issues players run in to when using Discord. Discord can be used via a browser, a desktop app or a mobile app.

CE Chat keeps locking me in the #arrivals channel
We use the #arrivals channel as a landing location so the ‘bots and folk who wish to do us harm’ can be vetted out. Each new visitor has to be manually added to the ‘#fellow-exiles‘ members list. We check for a valid CE captain account and ask for one if we are unsure.

IF you do not claim your account (see below) each visit means you are a new visitor to the channel / server and therefore unknown. So we do the merry dance again. Once the account is claimed, and you are entering the server using a claimed and logged in account, the server will remember you on each subsequent visit.

Think of it the same as any other site where a login is required, if you don’t log in you are a visitor. Claiming an account is the same as ‘creating’ an account on any other normal site. Nothing nefarious or strange, just Discords way of saying ‘Create an account’.

What does it mean to claim an account on Discord?

If you don’t have a Discord account and are given a link to a server, you are prompted to just enter a username.

Once you enter it, you’re free to move about the server. However, this account is considered “unclaimed,” it has no owner, or way to get back in.

To sign in to Discord, you need an email and a password, however you’ve given neither. Once you enter an email and password, you’re “claiming” the account and are able to sign in back right where you left off. To claim an account means to be able to sign in with it again.

If you’ve already claimed your account and see the message to claim it again or Discord says your email is already registered

Follow these steps:

1: Log out of whatever account you’re using on Discord.
2: Go directly to the Discord login page. (
3: Log in with the email they are saying is registered.

I forgot my Password! Where can I set a new one?

Just make sure that you’re already logged out of your Discord account.

Then go to You’ll find the forgot password link right under the password space. Click the link, and you’ll get an email with the rest of the steps to reset your password.