All visitors to our server will arrive in the #arrivals section. Due to the high volume of spam and bots that frequent Discord these days this is a necessary evil, we apologise in advance.

New potential players – If you’re interested in knowing more about Core-Exiles or Project Terran please follow the guides back in the #visitor-faq section. We are happy to chat with prospective players who have questions in the #arrivals section, but you will not be given access to the full server until we can match a nickname with an account. Again, this cuts down almost 100% on spam and bots.

Existing Players – If you end up in Arrivals and your name is not tagged in blue (Fellow Exiles or Fellow Terran) it’s likely you have not claimed your account, or are simply using a non-registered session. Not to worry, shout out for a staff member to flag you, and you can be on your way. (a Good reason to use a registered account when using discord).

Who do I contact if I have a complaint or need account help – (IE long term returning player). The game is run by Coops (ME). The staff can help with general enquiries, but the buck stops with me, so to speak. I’m about most of the UK Office hours and then some nights up till around 8-9pm. You can leave me a message or wait till I’m next online.

AGAIN – If you want access to the Full chat you’re more than welcome, but that’s reserved for ACTUAL players. So you will need an account captain name and have your local discord server nick set to that name. This is so we know we are talking. It helps aid new players and guide them.

If you’re unsure about signing up, ask your questions in #arrivals, and we will endeavour to answer them.


Further FAQs

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