Core-Exiles is a Free to Play Game and as such we need to fund the game in some method. This is done through the sale of items in our Core-Exiles Store.

Propulsion Slot: This is a unique slot. Due to the way Core-Exiles is funded, Engines can only be purchased through the Core-Exiles store. Once you have purchased a new engine, the CE Staff will automatically fit the engine for you.

All new Accounts start with a basic engine which produces a 576 units of fuel per 24 hour period. There are larger engines that produce more fuel and have energy and speed bonus’s as well.

Current Engine: New Players to Core-Exiles are given a basic Engine free of charge, so you can play. This engine has a limited fuel creation output and will be your basic limitation when it comes to playing Core-Exiles.

Upgrade: You can upgrade your engine at any time by simply purchasing a new one through the online store. Once the engine has been purchased, a Member of Staff will fit the engine for you to your ship.

Larger engines create More fuel per hour and also have bonuses like extra Speed and Energy bonuses attached as well.

Changing Ships: If during your time playing Core-Exiles you decided to purchase a new ship, you will find your engine is moved and fitted for you automatically. So your engine stays with your current ship at all times.

Take a few moments to review Engines on offer at the Core-Exiles Store.