Explaining Single Fit, Multi Fit, and Chain Fit

All ship equipment in Core Exiles falls into one of three categories. Equipment will be explicitly listed as single fit or multi fit, or else it is chain fit. These determine how many of that item or item type can be equipped. It is a simple concept, but worth understanding.

Single Fit Equipment

If an item is “single fit”, that means the player can only equip one of that type on their ship. This is not a restriction of the item’s full name or model, but the type of item. Only one item of that type can be equipped.

An example is the Taser Shield Generator POD. This is a POD that will regenerate shield strength over time. There are three models, mode 1, 2, and 3, which increase in power. The Taser Shield Generator POD is single fit, which means the player can only equip one Taser POD in total. A player with a Taser Shield Generator2 cannot equip another Taser 2 or a Taser 1. Both actions are blocked. The player would have to remove the Taser 2 to equip the Taser 1.

Multi Fit Equipment

If an item is “multi fit”, that means the player can equip multiple copies of that item, and other items of that kind but different models.

An example is the Messiah Turret POD. This is a POD that boosts combat weapon damage. There are six models, the Messiah Turret Type 1 up to the Type 6. A player could equip a Messiah Turret Type 2, and then with enough free POD points, equip a second Type 2, then a Type 1, then another Type 2. All four Messiah Turret PODs, with three duplicates, will function simultaneously

Chain Fit Equipment

If equipment is not specifically listed as single or multi fit, it is “chain fit”. Most equipment in the Ship Loadout section falls into this category. Chain fit equipment means the captain cannot have two pieces of equipment with the exact same name and model equipped simultaneously, but can have multiple items of the same kind that are different models. If the name is different by model number or RA designation or other modification designation, the devices can be equipped simultaneously.

An example is the Asteroid Scanner mining scanner. A player cannot equip two Asteroid Scanner Rev 2 simultaneously, but the player could equip an Asteroid Scanner Rev 3, Rev 2, and Rev 1 at the same time.

NOTE: For most scanners (mining, combat, and salvage), chain fitting will boost equipment function, limited by reactor energy output.