Fuel and Starter Engine
Fuel is the lifeblood of the game and mostly dictates how long you can play for each day, although not entirely as there are plenty of things in Core-Exiles that don’t require Fuel (Mech Combat, Crafting, Refining etc)

Fuel is in the form of Bio Fuel and is produced by your Ship’s Engines. When you start in Core-Exiles as an exile from the Core, you are given a Marauder ship. This is fitted with a Bio Fuel Propulsion Unit 1. This engine generates 6 units of fuel every 15 minutes directly into your ship’s fuel tank.

Your fuel tank can hold 3500 units of fuel (standard) without any additional fuel tanks being added. So if you only play with a starter ship engine, you will gain 576 units of fuel a day, fuel tank room permitting.

So can I play for ‘Free’ for Real ?
Sure you can, and 100’s and 100’s of players do exactly that. Your engine is capable of topping up your fuel tank each week, giving you 4,032 fuel to play with within a 7 day week. That’s FREE fuel to do what you like with.

But what if I want to play for Longer ?
Core-Exiles is Free to Play, but you can, should you wish, upgrade both your ENGINE and your FUEL TANK. Upgrades like this is how Core-Exiles is funded and able to provide stable, reliable 24 X 7 x 365 servers for you to play on.

There are Five ‘Purchase’ engines and Five ‘Purchase’ fuel tanks. The top Engine produces 30 units of Fuel per 15 minutes, so that’s 2,880 units a day or 20,160 fuel per week.

The Fuel tanks add storage capacity to your ship. These range up in From 1K to a staggering 40,000 units of storage. These tanks are fitted to your ship’s Special section.

Do engines do anything other than give me Fuel ?
I’m glad you asked. Purchased engines give you extra energy and a speed bonus when fitted. This tops out at 7,500 Energy and a + 15 speed bonus, depending on Engine Fitted.  Please read the individual engine stats in the store for more details.

I’ve heard I can buy new ships, what happens to my Engine ?
When you move from ship to ship, your ‘Engine’ is automatically moved for you. Its bonuses are added to your new ship at the time of fitting. All of that is done for you, so there is no need to worry about loosing your store purchased engine. The same goes for the Free Starter engine.

Can I remove my Fuel Tanks ?
You can, yes, but there is a warning that you should heed. Extra fuel tanks hold the fuel ABOVE the basic 3500 fuel level, which your ship automatically can hold. When an added fuel tank is removed, ANY and ALL fuel in that tank is dumped. So if you plan to remove a fuel tank (perhaps to sell to a player or to upgrade) make sure your current fuel level is 3500 or below!

Overview (From Your Perspective)
So I can play for free and get around 4K in fuel a week to play with. If I want to support the game, I can purchase larger engines that provide more fuel and fuel tanks to store the fuel if I only play once a week or when ever I get time top play.

Answer: Yes