This is the Galactic Exploration survey screen. Listed here are planets that are being explored by Captains. If a Planet is not listed here, yet it is because no one has started exploring the planet, or it has been successfully explored.

Personal exploration Attempts: This is a simple total of all your attempts failed or otherwise to explore planets since you began.

Artefacts: If an ancient artefact is discovered on a planet, these are shipped off to the ‘Galactic Research Project’. Each finding is logged and added to the planet’s history.

Landings: All landings on uninhabited planets are tracked and monitored by the Satellites left in orbit around each planet after the Gal-Fed Survey vessels have classified a planet.

Incidents: No matter how careful you are there will always be that day when you have an ‘incident’, this could be as minor as being chased by the local wildlife to the extreme of being chased off the planet by Pirates. These are all logged.

S.E.D: Survey, Exploration & Discovery. Gal-Fed doesn’t have the time to survey all the planets they locate and leave this task up to civilian contractors and Captains. Successful exploration attempts on a planet lead to valuable data being transmitted to Gal-Fed survey to add to the planet’s Galactic mapping. It should be noted that ONLY successful explorations will count towards the total SED of the planet. Once the planet reaches 100% S.E.D the planet will then be officially updated and assigned a Law / Tech rating. At this time Gal-Fed may decide to open an Outpost on the planet or simply turn the licensing over to the ‘Planetary Settlement Office’ in Descarte.

Chief Explorer: Gal-fed is always mindful of private enterprise and logs all successful explorations by independent captains. The chief explorer for each planet can be seen in these listings. Should the listing have “No Data Recorded” this means Gal-fed have yet to record a successful exploration.