The use of Factories should not be overlooked, even by the newcomer to Core-Exiles. Factories take and convert resources (the type you harvest using extractors) and turn them in to Commodities. Commodities have a higher value and can be sold in Malls, on the PM to players or simply used for essential Crafting.

There are Skills relating to the use of Factories, but by the time you reach the required level (Player Level 10) you should be able to invest in these skills should you choose to do so.

Costs?: First, you’ll need to “have” a Factory to place one. These are Generally Player Made, but there are also a number of NPC stores dotted around that you can buy them from. Another thing to bear in mind is the cost.  Gleso’s operate with a cost based on renting the slot for 720 hours (30 Days). The cost for this rental of a slot will vary from location to location.

Factory Types?: There are currently 140 different types of Factory. These can all be placed in a Gleso Factory slot and will happily work without issue as long as they are provided with resources.

Factory Resources?: Factories require feeding with Resources. Each factory has different requirements. These Resources will need to be stored in the Local Commercial Storage Office. The Factory will automatically draw its supplies from there.

Hopper?: Each factory has a hopper. This is a storage hopper for the goods it has manufactured. Once the Hopper is full, the factory will shut down. The factory will also shut down if any of the required resources are not available.

You can empty the Hopper at any time, you do not need to wait for it to become full. The goods from the hopper are transferred (at your command) to the local Commercial Storage Office.

Structure Points: Like most commercial buildings, factories require structure points. This varies, but normally it is 5 structure points per factory. You can see the cost charged and your existing pool of structure points in the top right-hand corner of the factory status bar.

Placing: You will note that some row slots are coloured pink / red. This indicates the slot is taken. You can see the Captain’s name in the row. If the row is grey and marked as ‘Inactive’ you can click the ‘Activate‘ button. This will enable you to choose which type of factory to place in the Gleso slot.

Factories are stored in your Ships stores under the ‘Misc’ tab. You must have the Factory you wish to place in the ship’s stores at the time of placement.

Set-Up Cost: Each Gleso will charge the local set-up fee for installing your Factory into the Gleso Slot system. This charge may vary from Gleso to Gleso. If setting up on a Settlement, this will be set by the Settlement Owner. You only pay this fee once for setting up. Should you remove your factory, you will need to pay this charge again if you decided to place the factory back down.

Accessing: Once placed, you can access the Factory using the ‘Manage‘ button. The row will go green when your Factory is placed and operational, making it easier to pick out from the list of ‘other’ factories.

Removing: Should you decided to remove your Factory, you can do so via the ‘Manage’ option. Once a factory is removed, it is returned to your ship’s stores, and you are reallocated the Structure Points used.

30 Day Rule: If you leave your Factory unattended and ‘inactive’ for 30 days or more, it will be confiscated by Gleso and become their property. This stops the factories slots from becoming cluttered with Captains that have long since left the game. You will NOT receive a warning on this subject.