Over the last few months, I have been running some offers on various sites and through Facebook. These offers varied slightly, but the idea was to gain new players to come and play, through rewarding them with a bonus pack when they levelled to Captain Level Five.

This worked fairly well, and we had a slew of players from various new sources. But it did get me thinking about why not make it a full-time thing?

So after chatting with the staff about this, I have created a NEW Reward Scheme for players when they Reach Level Five.

When a new player now signs up and creates a new account, along with the normal welcome Private Messages they receive, they also get a message informing them that when they reach level Five they can claim an in game reward of 1 Month’s PA and a 5,000 unit Fuel Ticket.

This can be done via the ‘Level 5 Rewards’ link inside the CE Guides Tab.

Generally speaking, if a player has remained to reach level Five, they are making a go of it and seem to enjoy the game. Giving them the addition of a Month’s PA and a Fuel Ticket smooths out their adventures, ensuring they can continue for some time without worrying about fuel.

I created the Level 5 Rewards screen so that EVERYONE over level Five can also claim their rewards. It’s only fair, after all :)

So be you level Five or level 185 you can claim your one time reward of a month’s PA and 5K fuel ticket. These are added to your account automatically once you make the claim.

Happy Hunting, Fellow Exiles!