This guide is aimed at New Captains that may be suffering from information overload, have a Full Cargo hold of ‘resources’ and are wondering what they do with them. It is not a definitive guide, but offers suggestions on normal ‘early play style’ options.

My Hold is Full – What do I do?

First off, congratulation on filling your cargo hold with resources / commodities. We will assume your hold is not full because you have a ‘Cargo Mission’ to deliver. These live in the same pace as your Cargo Bay, so you need to deliver these if you are full due to this.

Check Mission status from ‘View Tasks tab, then Trade Mission’

OK, so your cargo bay is not full because you have a Cargo Mission to deliver (Ashar). You probably came here as you’ve just done either some Mining or Combat and now have a full hold. That’s cool.

Core-Exiles is a game with a lot of options. I will list these in no particular order in what to do with resources, and then leave it up to you to decide.

Store in the Commercial Store

Pretty much all promenades have a Commercial Store listed. These are linked storage offices you can use to deposit your resources. You can deposit your Ship’s Cargo Bay contents in to the Commercial store very easily. They will store your resources Free of Charge for you to use / move / remove later.

When entering the Commercial Store, you have two options. The left-hand one simply lists ANY resources / commodities stored within the Commercial Store throughout the entire Universe.

As we are here to drop items off, let’s go for the right-hand option – ‘Enter Commercial Store’.

As this is a quick guide I won’t go into depth on how to use the Commercial store I will leave you to figure out the nuances, BUT for the instance of this guide we want to ‘Move Everything From Cargo to CS‘. This is a button top right when you enter. It will do as it says and move all your cargo bay resources and or commodities into the local Commercial Store. They will remain there till you want them. You can of course choose to drop stack indecently using the table directly below that option if you wish.

Once done and the confirmation screen has been shown, you are free to exit the office and return to the promenade, undock and get back to it…

General Player consensus would be to STORE everything – You never know when it might be needed! Using the Commercial Store is a Wise move.

Sell to the Galactic Buyer’s Market (G.B.M)

The GBM is a game wide market where players put up contracts for resources and commodities they are looking for. They set a cost per unit and a total amount required. You as a client can drop off resources as small or large as you wish. As long as you’re happy with the price. You get paid as soon as the transaction is complete, and your deposit goes towards the player’s contract.

There is a GBM on Starbase-51 in Feris which is where you began your journey. You can find others using the Finder from the Toolbar. You MUST be at a location that has a G.B.M to take part in filling contracts.

Resources & Commodities must be stored within the Commercial Store to fill contracts.

Trade to a Fellow Player

If you are looking to make friends, why not pop in to chat and see if anyone there is willing to purchase your resources. Players will often help out new visitors, so it’s worth a shout.

To Trade, you must be docked at a planet or station. Click your Cargo Hold icon (three small boxes) from there click the ‘Cargo Store’ tab. This will list any and all resources or commodities in your cargo hold.

Choose the Trade button on the type of item you wish to ‘Trade’. From there you need to decided how much to trade (don’t use commas) the Total Cost you want for the trade and finally the Captain’s name. The name box is a drop-down, start typing and when you see the name click on it.

Finally, hit ‘Transfer These Goods’. The items will be taken and placed in the ‘Collection Point‘ AT the location, waiting for the recipient to collect. When they do, you will receive a private message with the funds attached and notification the sale has taken part.

Inside the Private messages there is a section called ‘Notifications’ this is where the message and funds will be.

Sell To Joe’s Supplies

Finally, and some might say it’s definitely a last resort, is to sell your items to Joe’s Supplies. You will find a Joe’s on pretty much any promenade in the Sphere Galaxy.  Joe’s offer the market BASE value. Often you can get 2 or 3 or more from filling Galactic Buyers market contracts.

Initially, this CAN be a way to get your hand on some early finances, but you will find that pretty much everything you loot can and will be used somewhere in the game. So if you’re not stuck for cash, our ‘suggestion’ is place it in a Commercial Store for now.

You can deposit items in various locations using the Commercial Store, but you have to be AT the location to remove it. Try to remember that when making multiple piles in different locations.