So what’s a Special Slot do?

Simply put, each ship has a given number of Special Slots. It may be that your ship has 4 active slots or 6 or 8 or even 10 of these Special slots. You can fit ‘Specials’ in these slots, and the only limitation normally is Player Level.

Items for Special slots vary, and you may fit any item you have in any order you like. There are no limitations like those imposed in the ship’s Loadout, so feel free to add what you can.

What Can I add?: There are many types of Specials, Armour upgrades, Hull upgrades. Speed and Energy enhancers, Fuel Injectors, even extra Fuel Tanks. What you fit is up to you and what best suits your career style. Most Specials are Player made or Store Purchased

Fitting: Simply click any of the Green Squares. Those that are Grey are inactive for your ship. You can only fit items on the Green squares. This will open a list of specials you have in stock. Simply choose to ‘Equip Item‘ on the one you wish to fit.

Removing: To remove an item, simply click the corresponding image of that item. This will open up an information screen revealing all the pertinent data relating to the Special in question. Use the ‘Unequip Item‘ button to remove the special.

Removal Issues: You cannot remove Armour and Hull specials unless your ship is fully repaired. This is in place to resolve any possible exploit issues that may result from this action. Simply repair your Hull and Armour before attempting to remove the relevant specials.