So you’re sat looking at the description of the company you selected from the promenade list…

At this stage, you are looking at the description of a Service or Business or NPC at the current Promenade. It’s important to take the time to read these descriptions, as often they can be keys to elements later in the game.

It’s often worthwhile making a note somewhere of the Stores and Services available at a given location. You never know when you’re next going to need one.

NPC’s will have missions for you but not all NPC missions are the same, some want you to locate them resources, some build them items and some are combat related.

Stores vary in type and style, some sell only basic items and others sell entire ranges of items. Don’t forget that stores are limited by the local Tech Level, the higher the level the more goods they will have for sale.

Services like the Emporiums, Rare Ore refineries, Malls and Gleso Factory offices are dotted around. Again, make note of where they are and READ their info carefully. Nine times out of Ten the information you go asking a GM or CSA is right in front of you every time you enter a store, talk to an NPC or use a Service.

You can also use the ‘Finder’ from the footer to locate Offices, Stores and Even NPC’s.