We have been asked to provide an Official Premium Account bonus listing. This covers the ‘Current’ benefits. Premium Account time can be purchased through the Official CE store, or you can win it from our many competitions we run, or purchase in game using ‘Festive Points’

Main Bonus
2 Extra Fuel per game Tick (every 15 mins)

Pod Engineering
Only accounts with valid Premium Account status can build items using ‘Blue Prints‘ to build Pods. This process is called Engineering. This should not be confused with ‘Crafting’ which uses Schematics.
You do NOT lose Blue Prints or Engineered items if your PA expires, but you will be unable to continue Engineering until your account returns to PA Status.

Bad Event Reduction
Reduction by up to 30% of Bad events. Events happen when you pass level 10. These can be good or bad or passive. A PA account is likely to suffer UP TO 30% less bad events over time. (This was set to 30% recently after a rebalance of the Events.)

+2 GBM Listing
The GBM is an open marketplace for captains to place contracts for resources to be ‘filled’ by other players. A PA status account can add an additional 2 GBM contracts.

IP to IP Trading
This one is possibly the most important. A while back we changed the IP trading rules (Found HERE) This means that whilst you and your friends / family CAN play on the same IP you may not trade with another player on the same IP unless both parties are active PA accounts.

Simply put if you and your brother / sister / friend want to play from the same IP address and trade items / credits you will need to BOTH have an active PA account status.