This is the help page for Engineering Blueprints

What are Engineering Blueprints?

Engineering blueprints are schematics that are required to make Pods for your ships and personal load-out items for exploration.

What are pods ?

Pods are items that are added to your ships Pod Slot/s (found by clicking on the orange handled spanner at the bottom of your screen, next to equip ship and specials) These are used to boost your ships skills and add various other abilities, like help with exploring and boosts for combat etc.

What are personal load-out items?

Personal load-out items are items that are required, or will help you explore planets and derelicts. Tools, weapons and armour can be engineered.

What do I need to be able to use these schematic blueprints?

The only major requirement for these are to have a PREMIUM ACCOUNT with Core-Exiles.

If you do not have a premium account, you will not be able to enter a store and purchase the schematic blueprints.

How do I get a premium account?

A PREMIUM ACCOUNT can be purchased with festive points at the festive store, with money through the CE store or can be won in game.

I have purchased some blueprints to make pods and modules, but can’t find them?

These are not easy to find and only show up when you are using an Engineering Processing station to make the modules/pods. Though you can see any completed modules in your cargo hold, modules store and any pods from the pods option in your cargo hold.

I have entered an engineering processing station to make some modules and I don’t have any of the required items. How can I check what I have and find what I need ?

You can check what you have already in your hold by going into the misc items hold or the secure store, this will show all the debris you have as well as other items such as Data Chip Fragments and Crystals. It is always best to check here first before heading to an Engineering Processing station to craft items.

If you do not have the items that are required, they can be found through many methods, including mining, trade on the PM, trade with other players and by using the bartering options at Sven’s Barter stores.

I have crafted the modules, but still cannot craft the pod, why not?

If you do not have the other resources that are required, as well as the modules you will not be able to craft your pod, also if you have not transferred those items to the same Commercial store as the Engineering Processing Station, you will not be able to craft the pod.

How can I tell what Modules are required for what Pod?

The designers have been very secretive about pods and do not give information away easily. So the only way you will find out is to purchase the pod schematic first, then check on what modules are required for it and then purchase them. Again you will need to be at an Engineering Processing station to find this out and will need to attempt to make the pod for that info to show up.

I have created a pod and am unable to equip it, why is that?

Pods also have a level requirement and pod point requirement for the ship. If the pod exceeds either of these, you will not be able to fit it.

Is there a complete list of pods and modules?

The answer to this is No, as the manufacturers have been very secretive so its knowledge learned only from players finding out and sharing it with each other.


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