Your Ship’s Loadout is broken down into Six main Areas.

Each of these areas can be fitted with a wide range of items depending on your Skills and Captain’s player level. Items to be fitted to your ship in what we call “Slots” must reside in your Ship’s Stores at the time of fitting.

Weapons Slots: There are Two weapon slots. Both are independent of each other and both can be used to fit any Weapon or Weapon Mount like a Missile Launcher or specialised weapon based device. You can if you like even fit two identical weapons.

You can only fire one at a time, but having a Mining Laser or a salvage laser fitted next to a primary offensive weapon saves a lot of swapping.

System Slots: There are Three system slots. You can fit a wide range of items in these slots, from Scanners, Targeting Modules, Nano Repair Constructors even Jump Drive Navigators.

The System’s slots only restriction is that you cannot fit two items of the same make and model at any one time. For instance, you may if you choose to do so fit a Sensor Suite MK1, MK2 and MK3 (giving you a very excellent Scan) but you could not fit two Sensor Suite’s of the same model. IE Sensor Suite MK1 and another Sensor Suite MK1.

Energy Slots: There are Two Energy Slots. These are for fitting Reactors and other Energy related devices. The Same rule applies as with Systems, in that you cannot fit two items of the same make and model at any one time.

Expander Slot: There is only One Expander Slot. The Expander slot forms a dual role. You can attach Cargo Expanders which increase your total Cargo space or fit Passenger Module Cabins which allow you to transport Passengers.

When fitting Passenger Modules, you do NOT lose your current ‘ships own’ cargo space. It simply adds a Passenger ability to your spaceship.

Shield Slot: There is only One Shield Slot. You may fit any type of shield to your ship you see fit and have the skill and level to use. There are a variety of types Reflective, Absorption and Phased.

Propulsion Slot: This is a unique slot. Due to the way Core-Exiles is funded, Engines can only be purchased through the Core-Exiles store. Once you have purchased a new engine, the CE Staff will automatically fit the engine for you.

All new Accounts start with a basic engine which produces a 576 units of fuel per 24 hour period. There are larger engines that produce more fuel and have energy and speed bonus’s as well.

Check out the Engines on offer at the Core Exiles Official Store.

Power Explained: Each ship has a predetermined amount of power it can provide. This varies with each ship. You can supplement this by adding up to 2 Extra Reactors.

The Top icon bar has an icon for ‘Energy‘ the number next to it is the remaining energy available. If you mouse over the icon, you will see current use and max output. When you fit an item, it will have an energy requirement. You must have sufficient remaining energy at that time

When you remove an item, it reduces the requirement on your power, thus your current energy will go back up. Balancing energy output against your desire to fit everything to a ship will lead you to always be on the lookout for larger Reactors.

New Players: Remember we gave you a ‘Starter Reactor (NS)’ you should fit this if you have not already done so. Either slot is fine.

Fitting?: When you first load this screen as a new player, you will have lots of Green Squares and an Engine (Starter Engine, see above). Each Green square can be clicked. Doing so will open up a ‘Filtered’ list from your ship’s stores.

Generally, the list is filtered by items you have the correct Player Level to use/fit. So if you don’t see an item you know you have in stock, that’s likely to be the reason it does NOT appear in this list. To fit the items, simply use the ‘Equip Item‘ button on the end of the relevant row.

You will be informed if there was an issue during fitting or if the fitting was a success. Then returned to the Loadout Screen, where the item you just fitted now resides.

Removing?: To fit a different item or to remove the current item, simply click the Image of the item you wish to remove. This brings up an information screen detailing the item in depth. You can return to the Loadout screen or simply click the ‘Unequip Item‘ button, which will remove the item and return it to your ship’s store.

Removing Issues: There are some rules surrounding certain slots like Energy and Expanders. Before these items can be removed, certain criteria must be met. When removing reactors from the Energy slots, all other items must be removed first. This stops a power brownout on your ship.

With the Expander slot, you must have an entirely empty Cargo bay and no passengers onboard. Otherwise, the removal of the Expander cannot take place.

We have a Guide over here for How to Equip an item that you may find handy to follow.