This screen is displayed when docked at a location such as a Star Base or Planet. The Promenade is your interface to the local services at this location.

Promenades may hold Stores, Services, Commercial Storage, Player Markets and more. Each one is specific to that location and can only be accessed when docked.

Each Promenade has a Header bar with a number of Icons. These Icons may differ slightly but they are standard services located at nearly all Promenades.

Who’s docked at this current location. Shows a list of Ships / Captains at this location. They may be logged out, but their ships are docked here.

This takes you to the Union Passenger Terminal. From here, you can see if there are any NPC passengers looking for rides. (You will need a Passenger Cabin fitted to your ship.)

The Collection Point. Every Promenade has one, and you can view items awaiting pickup from all over the Galaxy. You must be AT the listed location though to pick an item up.

Ship Repair Service. These are most common and enable a Captain to quickly repair his / her ship. It does cost credits, but it is often easier than Booster Repair Kits and the like.

If you dock at a location that has this Icon, it means they have a Crafting / Manufacturing centre available. From here, with the correct resources and schematics, you can test out your crafting skills.

When docked at almost any location, you will see this icon. It represents an office of the ‘First Inter-Galaxy Bank’ From here you can deposit and remove funds from your Bank account. This is a separate account from your ship’s account. Note, various payments in the game like Commercial Storage charges are taken directly from the First Inter-Galaxy Bank, so ensure you always have sufficient funds to cover any outgoing expenses.

Tech Restrictions: Almost all stores and services are limited by the local Tech Level restrictions. IE stores on a Tech Level 12 Promenade will have a wider selection of items than similar stores on a Tech level 8.

Other Services: Apart from the many types of General Technology stores available to you from promenades you will also find NPC’s and other Services such as Malls, Gleso Factory Services, O.R.S.A. Offices and Rare ore refineries to name a few.

NPC Missions: NPC’s are dotted throughout the Galaxies. It is often wise to note down their names and locations. Each NPC will have varied missions that you can accept or decline. They generally pay well and often have some excellent XP and IP rewards should you complete their missions.

Don’t forget, you can always come back and finish a certain mission later if the current ones on offer seem too hard. Go look for one more to your skill level and ships capabilities.

Leaving: Once you’ve finished your business at a Promenade, you simply need to use the ‘Undock’ Option from the bottom of the Promenade. This will automatically finish your business and launch your ship into orbit around the current location.