This help page covers a plethora of stores and is general information based on the majority. It is not included as a guide to each Individual store. But this guide covers the basics.

Store Types: There are over 100 various types of stores. Generally, these are broken down into various categories. For instance, Weapons, Shields, Systems, Trade Offices, Cargo, Joe’s Commodities, Factories, Malls etc. As the game evolves, there are bound to be more and more being added.

Technology Stores: A large percentage of the stores are made up of shops selling you Technology items. That might be weapons, shields, Cargo Expanders etc. Always bear in mind that what you see on offer is limited (filtered) by the Tech Level on that promenade. If the Tech level is say a 12 then almost the entire range on offer will be shown, come down the scale to an 8, and you may be missing the store’s full potential.

Pay Attention: Stores not only list their goods, they also tell you all the pertinent facts about that item. They also show you your skills (in the title header) to save you to keep dashing off to check them should you forget your current skill levels.

Skill & Level: These two things are probably the two most important things to note about any future purchase. Do you have the skills to use it and are you sufficient level to use / fit the item. Nine times out of ten, a purchase is made, and then the owner is found banging his head against a Promenade wall because he / she forgot to check one of these two requirements.

View Item: Don’t be shy. View the item before purchasing it. READ about the item, take in the details on offer. It may mean the difference between wasting your credits or making a very wise purchase. Don’t assume that because you ‘think’ it will do XYZ that it does. Check the small print and use the ‘View Item‘ option.

Shop Around: As a general rule, all the stores will offer you a standard price on items from their establishments. But why not check out the Player Emporiums. Items sold through there are sold for what players feel they are valued at. Some excellent bargains can be had. So before spending half a Million credits on a store based item, make sure a second hand one is not for sale on the Galactic emporium.

Joes Supplies: Joe’s is an entirely different Store and one worth a separate mention in this guide. Joe’s is a bucket priced ‘buy’ all you have type store. Notice I said ‘Buy’. Joe’s does NOT actually sell – well, not to you. Joe pays rock bottom prices for almost all the Resources and Commodities in the game from you, then sells them on at profit to other commercial enterprises.

You can enter Joe’s stores and sell item by item, or just go to your ship’s CARGO Store and sell directly to Joe’s from there. The same prices are in effect, it just saves you time and Joe’s the problem of being polite to their customers.

One thing that Joe’s IS good for is using as a price Guide. As a new player, you have no idea what something is worth. So check it out in Joe’s. Joe’s is as low as it goes, if anyone sells lower than Joe’s then some things up.

Where’d it go?: OK, you bought an item from a Store, where did it go. If you purchased from a normal store, then the item will have been transferred directly to your Ship’s Store. Try looking for it in the relevant Tab.

If you purchased an item from the Emporium or from a Resource / Commodity based store, then the items will be sat in the local Collection Point awaiting you to go pick them up.