Regional Resources

“Regional resources” refers to a common resource that, when extracted from the ORSA fields of a specific (always NPC) settlement, the resources take on a unique character and are treated as a new, separate resource.

They are named as Resource (Location), so Alucite (Delphus) or Ore (Sassion). In conversation, they can be called “Delphus Alucite” or “Sassion Ore”, but the game always refers to them in the former notation.

A regional resource is considered a separate resource from the base resource, and from other regional resources. They are NOT interchangeable for crafting or quests, and are stored in separate storage entries. You cannot convert a common resource to a regional resource, or regional to common. So, Steel, Steel (Hebid), and Steel (Sephira) are all treated as completely separate resources.


By location. All settlements are in Sphere.

Beltaine – Grantham : Ref Metal, Rubidium, Steel, Water
Cranmore – Franklyn : Inert Gas, Reactive Gas, Ref Metal
Delphus – Tig : Alucite
Domat – Joycelyn : Bio Foods, Cereal, Plasteel, Wheat
Eden – Feris : Copper Ore, Corn, Wood
Elista – Tomsk : Bio Enzymes, Corn, Ref Metal, Rice, Wheat
Glom – Gainsboro : Copper Ore, Titanium, Zirconium
Hebid – Phidarin : Bio Foods, Iridium, Steel, Tungsten, Zirconium
Karanor – Danar : Copper Ore, Ore, Ref Chemicals, Ref Metal
Lorats Hold – Lorat : Agro Grow, Bio Foods, Iron Ore
Meltram – Ethan : Inert Gas, Ore, Ref Chemicals, Rice
Messor – Descarte : Bio Enzymes, Iron Ore, Titanium, Water
Mity – Undadarnya : Plasteel, Reactive Gas, Ref Metal
Myzohu – Errat : Alucite, Copper Ore, Ore, Rice
Olivat – Portal : Copper Ore, Rice, Water, Wood
Sassion – Palham : Ore
Sephira – Bedlam : Agro Grow, Animal Feed, Ore, Steel, Zirconium
Simbirsk – Thrace : Alucite, Plasteel, Ref Chemicals, Steel
Spark – Ferra : Animal Feed, Copper Ore, Plasteel, Wood
Tolsto – Jaster : Copper Ore, Inert Gas, Ref Chemicals, Ref Metal, Steel
Toyila – Talsamar : Iron Ore, Ore, Ref Chemicals
Vesta – Vassa : Ore, Plasteel, Rubidium, Traylon Gas
Wanish – Jarrett : Animal Feed, Iridium, Ore, Steel, Traylon Gas
Welling – Fieron : Inert Gas, Ore, Titanium

Note: If a settlement has a regional resource, the regular resource will not appear at that settlement. For example, at the resource fields of Sassion, Ore will always appear as Ore (Sassion), and never regular Ore.

There are currently no regional resources outside of the Sphere galaxy, and regional resources will never appear on a player settlement’s ORSA region, even if it shares the planet with one of the settlements above.


By resource type.

Resource store in [brackets] is where that resource can be purchased (see note below). Some resources have a split list.

  • Agro Grow: Lorats Hold, Sephira [Jackson Store]
  • Alucite: Delphus, Myzohu, Simbrisk [Hartman Group]
  • Animal Feed: Sephira, Spark, Wanish [Sherman Exports]
  • Bio Enzymes: Elista, Messor [Jackson Store]
  • Bio Foods: Domat, Hebid, Lorats Hold [Jackson Store]
  • Cereal: Domat [Jackson Store]
  • Copper Ore: Eden, Glom, Karanor, Myzohu, Olivat, Spark, Tolsto
    – [Sherman Exports : Eden, Glom, Karanor, Myzohu]
    – [Hartman Group : Olivat, Spark, Tolsto]
  • Corn: Eden, Elista [Jackson Store]
  • Inert Gas: Cranmore, Meltram, Tolsto, Welling [Vanzant Traders]
  • Iridium: Hebid, Wanish [Hartman Group]
  • Iron Ore: Lorats Hold, Messor, Toyila [Hartman Group]
  • Ore: Karanor, Meltram, Myzohu, Sassion, Sephira, Toyila, Vesta, Wanish, Welling
    – [Hartman Group : Karanor, Meltram, Myzohu, Sassion]
    – [Jackson Store : Sephira, Toyila, Wanish, Welling]
  • Plasteel: Domat, Mity, Simbrisk, Spark, Vesta [Hartman Group]
  • Reactive Gas: Cranmore, Mity [Vanzant Traders]
  • Ref Chemicals: Karanor, Meltram, Simbrisk, Tolsto, Toyila
    – [Jackson Store : Karanor, Meltram, Simbirsk]
    – [Baskin Exports : Tolsto, Toyila]
  • Ref Metal: Beltaine, Cranmore, Elista, Karanor, Mity, Tolsto
    – [Baskin Exports : Beltaine, Cranmore]
    – [Deep Core Mining : Elista, Karanor, Mity, Tolsto]
  • Rice: Elista, Meltram, Myzohu, Olivat [Jackson Store]
  • Rubidium: Beltaine, Vesta [Deep Core Mining]
  • Steel: Beltaine, Hebid, Sephira, Simbrisk, Toyila, Wanish [Hartman Group]
  • Titanium: Glom, Messor, Welling [Deep Core Mining]
  • Traylon Gas: Vesta, Wanish [Vanzant Traders]
  • Tungsten: Hebid [Sherman Exports]
  • Water: Beltaine, Messor, Olivat [Jackson Store]
  • Wheat: Domat, Elista [Jackson Store]
  • Wood: Eden, Olivat, Spark [Sherman Exports]
  • Zirconium: Glom, Hebid, Sephira [Sherman Exports]

Use the Resource Browser to see how many schematics in which a specific regional resource is used. The more schematics in which a resource is used, the more likely it will appear as a request in the GBM.

The Resource Browser can also be used to find specific prices at the appropriate resource store. It is cheaper to place a GBM request, which also keeps resources and cash circulating among players, but the resource store can be used if you are in a hurry.