This is a Primer and as such not a FULL GUIDE. It’s purpose is to add an overview to the process and some understanding to how things work. For the full run down you will have to work with others and figure that out :)

Catherine Jones – NPC & Bureau of Statistical Analysis

You may have received a PM in game from the aforementioned NPC asking you to go visit her. It won’t cost you anything other than the fuel to go visit her. She works for the Bureau of Statistical Analysis. That’s a fancy name for a bunch of statisticians hired by Gal-Fed to collect data on the population of the Universe, crunch the numbers and pass on the data to relevant government bodies.

That don’t sound too interesting, Coops ?

Well the B.S.A (lets lose the full name because we know how you all LOVE acronyms) :) have not only been given the job of collating all this data but also permission to Loan out ‘S.N.O.O.P Pods’ to captains for FREE.

Simply Visit Cathy (she prefers that) and read her info and ‘bang’ you’ll have a shiny new Pod to play with.

Still not exciting me here Coops…..

Did I mention the Pod has ZERO Pod Point requirements…

Did I mention that whilst it’s fitted it collects, stores and filters 1000’s of data points for the folks back at the B.S.A. Then once it has enough data it sends a packet to Cathy who in turn will send you a Shiny new ‘Bio Implant Module’. The longer you keep the Pod fitted when playing the more chance you have of receiving these B.I.M items more regularly.

A what now?

We implemented a new addition to the Implant System. Collecting Bio Implant Module (B.I.M’s) for short is the first step. Visiting Cathy and fitting one of her SNOOP Pods is the fastest way to start this process. Although the BIM’s are NOT account locked and can be traded should you wish to swap them with friends or stick them in your emporiums for horrifically silly prices :)

Bio Implant Module
The BIM can be fitted to a NEW ‘Implant Shell’. These can be fitted (once crafted and fitted with BIM’s) just like normal Implants. Each Implant Shell can take up to FIVE BIM modules. There are varying level requirements for the Implant Shells themselves (which will be player crafted) and each BIM has a requirement.



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