This is a Primer and as such not a FULL GUIDE. It’s purpose is to add an overview to the process and some understanding to how things work. For the full run down you will have to work with others and figure that out :)

Last week we added Bio Implant Modules to the Game. These are collected as a reward for fitting the S.N.O.O.P Pod to your ship for the Bureau of Statistical Analysis. This pod can be gained freely from the NPC – Catherine Jones.

Bio Implant Modules were added a little earlier for you to ‘START’ collecting. It’s not a quick process but the more you PLAY CE and have the Snoops Pod fitted the more you will get from Catherine.

I’ve already heard from a few players who were moaning they were not getting BIM’s relevant to the skills they wanted. Well sorry but Catherine has better things to do that look you up and see which individual skill you need or want or might want next week. BUT the BIMs ARE tradeable to your friends and colleges. So collect them and trade them like anything else in CE.

B.I.M ‘T-Rating’
There is a T-Rating used with BIM’s and Implant Shells. This runs from T1 (Level 10) through to T5 (Level 100). There are BIM’s for EACH non Alien skill in the game from T1 to T5. Lets look at what a T-Rating gives you….

Now lets look at what they FIT into…

Today marks the release of the Implant Shells. These are player crafted and the schematics can be purchased from Arnos Schematic Supply. There are Implant Shells for ELEVEN of the 12 Implant Types. Currently there are NO Head Implant Shells.

T1 BIM adds 5 Skill Points
T2 BIM adds 10 Skill Points
T3 BIM adds 15 Skill Points
T4 BIM adds 25 Skill Points
T5 BIM adds 35 Skill Points

An Implant Shell is pretty much what it sounds like. It s a shell that you can FIT up to FIVE B.I.M’s in to. The shells are not picky, so you can fit ANY BIM into a shell as long as it does not exceed the T-Rating of the Shell.

If you have a Waist Implant Shell T1 you could fit any five T1 rated BIM’s.
If you have a Waist Implant Shell T5 you could fit any five BIM’s rated UP TO and including T5

So we got that ? BIMS you collect as rewards and trade with fellow players. Implant Shells you craft and trade.

So how Do I turn an Implant Shell and a Handful of BIM’s into an actual Implant Coops ?

Damn Fine question. Glad you asked.

Today also marks the release of a New Service For Settlements Level 6 and above. ‘M.A.R.V.I.N Implant Service’. From here you can visit with your Shells (in your Implant Store of your ship) and your B.I.M’s (in your Misc Store of your ship). They will help you choose the Shell and populate with B.I.M’s.

Now the only rule to remember is that a Shell cannot contain a B.I.M with a greater T-Rating than itself! That’s pretty much it. So YOU have carte blanche to create an Implant that actually suits YOU in every way. Hell you can build 11 Implants that do what YOU want not what they were designed to do.

Implant Shells Levels
T1 = Level 10
T2 = Level 20
T3 = Level 40
T4 = Level 75
T5 = Level 100

Implant Shells are processed in to Implants (with your chosen BIM’s) in a few seconds (no shaking and baking) an placed in your Ships Implant Store.

Please note : Once an Implant is completed (Shell + Bims) its locked and cannot be reverse engineered or changed.


Fitting the Implant is just like any other implant and so is removing.

Final Dev notes :

This system is designed to sit alongside existing implants. Some of you may be happy with them. With some time and great effort (collecting / trading) you CAN though build a stellar set of implants for you at each juncture of your captains life.

Many of you (senior players) may want to review this as it will give you the oppertunity to allow your implants to free up a lot of wasted IP that could be sunk into other things IE create implants that free up 100’s and 100’s of IP so you can sink it into Alien skills (get that Reactor you always wanted, or cargo expander you’ve been salivating over but not having enough ‘free IP’.

Over time this new system will also allow us to create SPECIAL one off BIM’s – more on that to come :)