Weapon Use / Combat

This is basic information that applies to combat in Size Class A derelicts.

It is important to know at the start that combat will require a weapon and an ammo pack. A stockpile of medical packs is recommended, as damage does not heal over time without the CES store purchase “+10 Health Regen Update” captain upgrade. It is also best to wait until at least level 12 so that you can equip armor, though level 15 is preferable.

You also should have a Grav Sled. Combat loot is normally resources, which can only be removed with a Grav Sled, and a loot item or possibly a Blueprint.

In any given room of a derelict, click the raygun icon in the lower icon row (#VI text tag “Attack”). You maybe given access to a combat scenario and the enemy, or one my not be available. This can only be done once per room, clicking the tool use icon more than once in a room wastes stamina. This can be attempted in each and every room of a derelict.

In the “Close Quarters Combat Report” window, you will see three enemy windows, but only one enemy will be present until your combat skills are much higher. The enemy will have its own icon. (#VI text tag is the name of the enemy.) The number below the icon is the remaining hit points of that enemy.

To attack the enemy, click on the Attack Target button above the enemy icon. The #VI text tag for the Attack Target button is the name of the enemy followed by that enemy’s hit points. For example, “movie-star : 85” will attack the enemy Movie Star, and that enemy currently has 85 hit points.

The amount of damage done is based on the weapon used. The number of shots is based on the ammo pack equipped. If ammo runs out, you attack with your amazing martial arts skills honed by watching several classic movies late at night (and your ship AI will remind you of this), and do about 5-10 damage per hit.

You can attack the enemy until it is defeated. If you cannot defeat the enemy in ten hits (this slowly number increases with skill), it escapes and combat is over. You also have access to the “Retreat” button if combat is going badly.

When all enemies are defeated, the Search the Dead button becomes available. Click that to go to the loot.

On this window, you will get a block of text explaining how your combat skills have improved, and the loot. The first loot item is a number of units of a resource. These can be resources found by mining, but there is also a set of refined ores only found through derelict exploration and settlement combat, usually called the Derelict Ores. The second loot item is a random Misc item that can be of any category, and it can possibly be an Engineering Blueprint.

Below the loot readout are two buttons, Return and Load Sled. The item is automatically sent to your ship, but the resources must be loaded on to a Grav Sled (which you must have equipped in your personal load-out) to be transferred to your ship’s cargo hold. Click on the Load Sled button to claim the loot, then Continue to return to the derelict.

When equipping your character for combat, you will need a sidearm gun, an ammunition pack, and you should have a personal shield and grav sled. These items are all created through Engineering. This means you must have PM account status to create them, but you should be able to get help from someone in your guild. Also, the basic items are usually available in the Emporium shops at a reasonable price.

Your sidearm determines the damage done. You only need one, and this is not a consumable item.

  • Personal Basic Side Arm, Player Made, Weapon Damage 8-15, Captain Level 10
  • Zane Special Side Arm, Player Made, Weapon Damage 10-24, Captain Level 15
  • Electro GS Stunner, Player Made, Weapon Damage 12-27, Captain Level 20
  • DL42 Zap Needler, Player Made, Weapon Damage 15-30, Captain Level 25

Your ammo pack determines how many shots are available for your gun. These are consumable, and should be replaced when empty. When the ammo pack is empty, you resort to melee combat.

  • Blammo Ammo Pack, Player Made, Rounds 50, Captain Level 10
  • Zane Ammo Pack, Player Made, Rounds 100, Captain Level 15
  • RIP – Ammo Pack, Player Made, Rounds 150, Captain Level 20
  • Premo – Ammo Pack, Player Made, Rounds 200, Captain Level 25
  • Supra Nano Ammo Pack – SNA1, CE Store, Rounds 400, Captain Level 25

Your shield absorbs damage. This is a direct ablative system, meaning damage done by an enemy is subtracted from the armors Absorb value. When that value hits 0, the armor looses all protection value.

  • Exo-Skeleton Armour (Personal), Player Made, Absorb 50, Captain Level 12, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Zane Personal Protection, Player Made, Absorb 125, Captain Level 15, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Aegis Defense – ISP Body Armour, Player Made, Absorb 175, Captain Level 20, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Aegis Defense – ISC Body Armour, Player Made, Absorb 250, Captain Level 25, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Personal Shield Type 1, CE Store, Absorb 500, Captain Level 20, Efficiency Bonus +2%

The Supra Nano Ammo Pack and Personal Shield Type 1 are available from the official Core Exiles Store, but are also sometimes given as prizes for events in the game or participation events in the forum or online chat. If available, these have a very long lifespan.

A Grav Sled will be needed to loot cargo resources. This should always be done, as some resources found are unique to derelict exploration, and therefore fetch a respectable price in the GBM. A Small Grav Sled may be a bit expensive in the Emporiums (it requires several Artificial Gravity Plating units to produce), but it is worth the investment.

  • Grav Sled (Small), Player Made, Captain Level 10, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Grav Sled (Medium), Player Made, Captain Level 20, Efficiency Bonus +4%
  • Grav Sled (Large), Player Made, Captain Level 30, Efficiency Bonus +6%

TIP: Click the Attack Target button slowly. Many players report that clicking too fast generates misses, and spamming the button can bump you out of the derelict due to anti-automation measures.

TIP: Always use armor.

TIP: Use the best weapon you can, and try to get a Zap Needler immediately. They can usually be found in the Emporium, though they are a bit expensive to make. Resources for the Zap Needler can be procured through the Barter Stores. Also talk to your guild’s crafter.

TIP: A personal shield, even empty, still gives an efficiency bonus, and so can be worn if you do not do combat to help with other exploration activities. Some random exploration events can injure the pilot, and a shield will absorb this damage.

NOTE: You will never get into combat without looking for it. There are no wandering monsters or surprise attacks in derelicts. If yo do not want to do derelict combat, you do not have to equip a sidearm and ammo. (See tip above about the shield, though.)