Derelict Hacking

This is basic information that only covers hacking in Size Class A derelicts.

In any given room of a derelict, click the computer access icon in the lower icon row (#VI text tag “Use Controls”). You maybe given access to a computer hack panel, or one my not be available. This can only be done once per room, clicking the computer access icon more than once in a room wastes stamina. This can be attempted in each and every room of a derelict.

If you find an hackable terminal in the room, you will be taken to the “Attempting to use Local Interfaces & Devices” window.

This is a basic match-three game. The goal is to have the same icon in each of the three windows.

There are fifteen security icons, each with a different color and pattern. For #VI text tags, they are labeled “sec#”, where # is a number one through fifteen.

To change a given icon, click the “Hack Code” button above it. (For #VI, there is no apparent text tag for the buttons.)

You are limited by ten moves.

When all three buttons match, the “Attempt Access Hack” button is enabled. Click this to gain a reward of credits and XP.

A non-matching set is a failure, but causes no harm to the player.