Derelict Searching

This is the page for using the Search Room function in Derelict Exploration.

The basic command for Derelict Exploration is the Search Room command, which does not require equipment or skill, and so can be done by a Captain just starting with exploration. (Note, you will want a Grav Sled, per below.)

The icon is the first / leftmost icon in the lower command row, and is a picture of an orange set of drawers. (#VI text tag Search Room.)

Searching uses two energy and one oxygen. If you have already searched the room, you will get a snarky message pointing out you have already searched the room, but you will still use the energy and oxygen.

Searching triggers a random event. These events can grant XP and Credits, but can also be negative and cost XP and credits. (Maintaining PM status, which can be done free, helps here.) It is also believed that the Efficiency Bonus granted by different Exploration equipment improves the odds of getting a good result.

  • BEATEN TO THE POST : This is a generic “nothing found” message, -50XP.
  • HIGH AND LOW : Another “nothing found”, but +100XP.
  • THIS CRATE IS HEAVY! : This is a generic “resources found” message. A Grav Sled is required to gather the resources.
  • MORE LUCK THAN SKILL! : This is a generic “misc item found” message. The item goes directly to your ship’s misc hold.
  • BLUE PRINT TEMPLATE LOCATED : You find a blueprint, which is used by engineering. All personal loadout equipment is made using found blueprints.
  • CORRUPT BLUE PRINT TEMPLATE LOCATED : Another “nothing found”.
  • OUCH THAT HURT! : An uncommon event that costs XP and damages the captain. A personal shield will absorb the damage.

A Grav Sled will be needed to loot cargo resources. This should always be done, as some resources found are unique to derelict exploration, and therefore fetch a respectable price in the GBM. A Small Grav Sled may be a bit expensive in the Emporiums (it requires several Artificial Gravity Plating units to produce), but it is worth the investment.

  • Grav Sled (Small), Player Made, Captain Level 10, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Grav Sled (Medium), Player Made, Captain Level 20, Efficiency Bonus +4%
  • Grav Sled (Large), Player Made, Captain Level 30, Efficiency Bonus +6%

In Class A derelicts, there is no difference between the Grav Sleds beyond the Efficiency Bonus. Get a small sled quickly, but get a large sled when convenient.

TIP: Get a grav sled as soon as possible if you enjoy Derelict Exploration. Talk to your guild, or check the Emporium listing. Or, get your PM status up free and try to build one!

TIP: Use a personal shield, which is normally a combat item. This will absorb damage from the “Ouch that hurt!” event, as well as that caused by some of the random room-to-room events. Personal shields also grant a +2% efficiency bonus.