Tool Use

This is basic information that only covers tool use (structural looting) in Size Class A derelicts.

It is important to know at the start that removing a structural item will require at least one use of each of the three tools, the Gyro Spanner, an Electrical Scanner, and a Diagnostic Sensor. Given that an Electrical Scanner S1 cannot be used until Captain Level 25, you cannot loot structural items from a ship until you are level 25.

In any given room of a derelict, click the tool use icon in the lower icon row (#VI text tag “Use Tools”). You maybe given access to a lootable item and your four load-out slots, or one my not be available. This can only be done once per room, clicking the tool use icon more than once in a room wastes stamina. This can be attempted in each and every room of a derelict.

In the window “Repair & Gather Using Tools”, you will see your four load-out slots, and what tool is in each. You should have your Grav Sled, the Gyro Spanner, an Electrical Scanner, and a Diagnostic Sensor. (#VI text tag of each is the name of the tool.) Under the Spanner, Scanner, and Sensor, you will see the Use Tool button enabled.

To the right of your tools is the name of the item you are attempting to recover. (#VI text tag is name of item.) The item will be in the category High Tech Loot, High Tech Engineering Loot, or High Tech Structural Loot.

To begin, slowly click on the Use Tools buttons. Below the tool window, you will see a list of the three tool types, the number zero, and a number in parenthesis. The second number is the number of successful tool uses you need with that tool. (In Size Class A derelicts, the number is always 1 through 3.) For example:

Mechanical 0 (1)   Electrical 0 (3)   Diagnostic 0 (2)

Means that you must have one successful Gyro Spanner use, three Electrical Scanner uses, and two Diagnostic Sensor uses to pry the item loose. Successful attempts are reported in a green ribbon, and failures in a pink ribbon.

You can click ten times before the attempt fails and the item is lost.

If you successfully release the item, the name of the item under its icon is replaced by a green block and the button “Collect HT Item”. Click that, and you will be told the high tech item has been moved to your ship hold, and then you can continue exploration.

The equipment used for derelict tool used is created through Engineering, not Schematics, which means the player must have PM status. However, the basic equipment is usually sold through the emporiums at a fair price.

  • Gyro Spanner Tool, Player Made, Captain Level 10, Efficiency Bonus +2%


  • Diagnostic Sensor G1, Player Made, Captain Level 15, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Diagnostic Sensor G2, Player Made, Captain Level 25, Efficiency Bonus +4%
  • Diagnostic Sensor G3, Player Made, Captain Level 35, Efficiency Bonus +6%


  • Electrical Scanner S1, Player Made, Captain Level 25, Efficiency Bonus +2%
  • Electrical Scanner S2, Player Made, Captain Level 45, Efficiency Bonus +4%
  • Electrical Scanner S3, Player Made, Captain Level 65, Efficiency Bonus +6%

TIP: Equip the best Sensor and Scanner you can as soon as you are able. The success rate will be notably improved.

TIP: Click slowly. Rapidly clicking the Use Tool buttons generally ends in failures. The general consensus is to wait 2-3 seconds between clicks, and click at a regular rhythm.